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Locksmith Roosendaal

The lock specialist from Roosendaal and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Roosendaal

  • 24/7 slotenmaker bereikbaar in Roosendaal
  • Transparent rates for work
  • Local and therefore quickly on site
  • Doors and windows opened without damage
  • 5 year warranty on newly installed locks
  • Hinges and locks with safety mark
  • Inbraakbeveiliging voor bedrijven en particulieren

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Locksmith Roosendaal

Voted most reliable locksmith in Roosendaal e.o.

In Roosendaal and the surrounding area you can contact a skilled and reliable locksmith for all your questions and problems in the field of locks. Locksmith Roosendaal has a motivated team of mechanics who carry out their work with attention to your personal wishes. We are the right address if you want to have new locks installed in Roosendaal or if you need urgent help opening a lock.


Locked out in Roosendaal

If a door needs to be opened urgently because you are outside without the key, you naturally want a locksmith to be on site as soon as possible. Locksmith Roosendaal has a 24-hour lock service for these types of urgent problems so that we can respond quickly in case of calamities. When you call this number with an urgent request for help, a technician will leave immediately who can be with you in 20 minutes to open the door.

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Special emergency number for emergencies
  • Also available outside office hours
  • On location in Roosendaal in 20 minutes
  • Open doors harmlessly
Locked out in Roosendaal

The various professional services of Locksmith Roosendaal

Locksmith Roosendaal offers various professional services in the field of burglary protection and locks. You can call on us if you need new locks or if a lock needs to be opened. We also offer the latest burglary protection equipment and take care of its professional installation.

The various professional services of Locksmith Roosendaal

Replace locks

If you want new locks, you can have Locksmith Roosendaal professionally replace a lock. If you have any doubts about the quality of your locks, or if you are not sure whether they still meet current safety requirements, we can check your lock and immediately replace it if it is outdated for a new lock with a 5-year warranty.

Open locks

You can leave the opening of locks to Locksmith Roosendaal, because our technicians can expertly open any lock. We can open all types of locks, such as the lock of your front door, so that you do not have to install a new lock when the door blows shut, which saves costs.

Burglary protection

Locksmith Roosendaal is your local point of contact if you want more information about securing a home or business premises. Our security experts are happy to provide you with the correct information and provide personal advice on how to effectively protect your property. Our specialists also install various preventive means, from safety locks and core pulling protection to surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

Install multi-point lock

If you are looking for an aesthetic solution to lock a front door in several places, Locksmith Roosendaal can install multi-point locks. These locks are very user-friendly while at the same time offering increased protection in the event of a break-in. These handy locks can be operated with one key and can be mounted on doors and windows.

Emergency service

An urgent lock problem must be resolved quickly because your safety is usually at stake. You can call Locksmith Roosendaal in case of an urgent lock problem, because we have a fast 24/7 emergency service, especially for urgent situations. After receiving your call, a technician will leave immediately who can be at any address in Roosendaal within 20 minutes to fix the lock problem.

Core pulling protection

An affordable and effective way to prevent a burglary is the installation of core pulling protection. By providing a cylinder lock with core pulling protection, core pulling becomes virtually impossible, so that burglars can no longer find their way in so easily. If you still have cylinder locks without core pulling protection, ask Locksmith Roosendaal to fix this quickly.

The mechanics of locksmith Roosendaal

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

Transparent costs and fair prices at Slotenmaker Roosendaal

If you want to have work carried out by Locksmith Roosendaal, you can rest assured that the costs are always transparent and clear. We ourselves would not appreciate it if we were confronted with an unexpectedly high bill afterwards, and that is why we always have the option of obtaining clarity in advance about the amount of the costs by informing us or requesting a quote. questions. Our prices are also clear and transparent, because we use fixed rates for services such as opening locks, and fixed prices for all the hardware that we supply from stock.

Transparent costs and fair prices at Slotenmaker Roosendaal

We solve all kinds of problems with your lock in Roosendaal and the surrounding area

Problems with a lock never arise at a good time, which is why you can call on Locksmith Roosendaal at any time of the day.


  • For problems with locks and fittings
  • Qualified mechanics with VOG
  • Emergency repairs and recovery of burglary damage
  • 24/7 help from a locksmith in Roosendaal

If it is a lock problem that can wait, you can make an appointment at a time that suits you, even in the evenings or at the weekend. If it concerns an emergency situation where a locksmith must be called in immediately, you can call our emergency lock service, which can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day. In an emergency situation with locks, you can call on our 24/7 lock service in Roosendaal. We will immediately send a technician to you so that you do not have to wait longer than 20 minutes if, for example, you are locked out or have a defective lock. In the event of a burglary, we can ensure that the damaged lock is replaced quickly or install an emergency lock if the burglary damage is too great to repair immediately.

Professional lock breaking Roosendaal

It is very annoying to stand in front of a closed door if you have a defective lock. Often we can open locks without damage, but in some cases we cannot avoid having to break open the lock. Suppose, for example, that the lock cannot be opened because it is completely rusted on the inside. Opening without damage is then not possible, and moreover, the lock must be replaced anyway. In that case, we ensure that we carefully drill out the lock so that the door is not damaged and we can immediately install a new lock so that you can open and close the door again.

  • Professionally break open a lock
  • Without damage to surrounding fittings or door
  • Direct installation of a new lock

Slot openen in Roosendaal

There can be several reasons why you need the help of a locksmith to open a lock. Lockout is a common reason to call in a locksmith. Defective locks or keys that have broken off in a lock also require the assistance of a locksmith. We not only open locks on houses and business premises, but can also open all other types of locks such as locks on cars, bicycles and safes. Suppose, for example, that the discussion lock of your bicycle lock is broken or that you have lost the key to your safe, our technicians can also professionally open these locks for you.

A key breaking off in a lock is an annoying problem that you may have to deal with. Sometimes a key breaks off because something hits the key while it is in the lock. But most often the cause of a broken key is a malfunctioning lock. A lock with damage, which has become dirty or has started to rust will be increasingly difficult to open. To be able to open the lock, more force is applied to turn the key, causing the key to bend or break. Locksmith Roosendaal can help you remove the broken key from the lock.

It is not always necessary to break a lock if you cannot get it open. If your lock still functions properly, but you cannot open the door because you have left the keys inside, the Locksmith Roosendaal technicians can also open a door without damage. We always have special tools with us with which we can open a door without damaging the lock, the fittings or the door. You do not have to replace the lock after opening the door and you can also continue to use the keys. Let the locksmith know in advance if you want to have the door opened without damage.

Replace locks in Roosendaal

Replace locks in Roosendaal

Our mechanics regularly go out to replace locks in Roosendaal and the surrounding area. For the replacement of locks, we supply standard SKG-approved locks from stock.

Your local locksmith in Roosendaal can expertly replace locks for you. Our technicians can also urgently install different types of locks such as multi-point locks, rim locks and cylinder locks on doors and windows. By leaving the replacement of locks to a qualified locksmith, you can be sure that the lock has been installed correctly and you will receive a 5-year warranty on the new locks. So it has many advantages to outsource the replacement of locks to Locksmith Roosendaal.

Replace cylinder locks

Replace cylinder locks

Cylinder locks should be fitted correctly to provide maximum protection. If your cylinder locks need to be replaced, you can approach Locksmith Roosendaal to replace them.

To take full advantage of the protective function of cylinder locks, they must be installed correctly. You can use Slotenmaker Roosendaal to replace old cylinder locks, because with us you get a 5-year warranty on the new lock. We can immediately replace a cylinder lock that shows signs of rust or wear. Our technicians make the cylinder lock to size on site and can also immediately provide your cylinder locks with core pulling protection that allows you to protect your new cylinder locks against core pulling.

Core pulling protection Roosendaal

Core pulling protection Roosendaal

With core pulling protection you can protect cylinder locks against core pulling and prevent a break-in. The locksmith in Roosendaal takes care of the professional installation of core pulling protection with an SKG quality mark.

Core pulling protection is an affordable and effective means of preventing core pulling. By installing core pull fittings or another form of core pull protection on your cylinder locks, burglars can no longer pull the cylinder out of the lock, making a burglary a lot more difficult. Locksmith Roosendaal supplies various types of core pulling protection from stock, which are provided with an SKG quality mark. This core pulling protection has been independently tested and has proven to be able to delay a burglary considerably. Our fitters can professionally install this anti-core draft hinges and locks for you.

Locksmith Roosendaal for burglary protection and a safe feeling

Locksmith Roosendaal is your local expert in the field of burglary protection and can assist you in securing homes and business premises. Our security specialists can make an inspection round in your building, identifying all security risks, and then provide you with tailor-made advice on how to reduce these security risks by having the right burglary-resistant means installed. We supply various preventive resources such as core pulling hardware and alarm systems from stock and can install them professionally.

Locksmith Roosendaal for burglary protection and a safe feeling

Compensation for damages

Locksmith Roosendaal and compensation for damage

If your locks have been damaged after a burglary, you can call Locksmith Roosendaal to quickly replace the lock. We can also repair other burglary damage or install an emergency lock to safely close your building again. The costs for repairing burglary damage can be reimbursed by your insurance, you can read this in your insurance policy. To reclaim the costs for burglary damage repair, you need the invoice from Slotenmaker Roosendaal and a declaration of the burglary.

Locksmith Roosendaal and compensation for damage

If the keys are lost, are costs for the locksmith in Roosendaal reimbursed?

Heeft u een slot moeten laten vervangen omdat de sleutels kwijt zijn, dan is de kans klein dat u deze kosten vergoed kunt krijgen. Zijn de sleutels kwijt omdat blijkt dat ze zijn gestolen, dan bestaat er meestal wel een mogelijkheid om kosten voor een nieuw slot vergoed te krijgen. Het is daarom altijd de moeite waard om even bij uw verzekeraar te informeren of vergoeding mogelijk is als u kosten heeft moeten maken voor een slotenmaker.

If the keys are lost, are costs for the locksmith in Roosendaal reimbursed?

Frequently asked questions to the locksmith in Roosendaal

Many people have the same problems with locks and therefore the same questions. To help you, we have therefore listed these frequently asked questions so that you can clearly see what you can do and what Slotenmaker Roosendaal can do for you.


  • Approved hinges and locks in stock
  • 24/7 help with a lock problem
  • Mechanic on site in Roosendaal in 20 minutes
  • Professional burglary protection
  • Transparent rates and fair prices
Frequently asked questions to the locksmith in Roosendaal

Why is it wise to also have windows on upper floors fitted with locks?

Burglars don’t just enter through doors and windows on the ground floor. They choose the path of least resistance in the event of a break-in, so if they discover that a window on an upper floor is not closed, they will choose this path.

To always be assured of the maximum protection of a lock, it must be replaced regularly. Specialists in the field of burglary prevention recommend that you have your front door lock replaced once every 5 years, even if it still works properly.

If dirt or dust is the reason that a lock is not turning smoothly, it is indeed possible to clean the lock. If the shoe does not turn smoothly due to a defect or rust, it is better to have the lock replaced.

If you want to lock a front door in several places, you can choose to have an auxiliary lock added or to replace the lock with a multi-point lock. An auxiliary lock is often a cheaper solution, but a multi-point lock is more convenient to use because you only need one key.

It may be wise to fit a pin lock in a front door if you feel you need more protection against a break-in. The pen lock functions as an auxiliary lock and is a relatively inexpensive measure that you can take to reduce the risk of a break-in.

Chelsea from Roosendaal

Ik wist even niet wat ik moest toen de sleutel ineens afbrak. De buurman raadde mij aan om een slotenmaker te bellen. Die kon inderdaad de sleutel uit het slot halen zodat ik weer naar binnen kon. Bedankt slotenmaker!


Mark from Roosendaal

Locksmith Roosendaal recently placed an electric lock on my front door. They were able to come in the evening because I have to work during the day, and the new locks work great, great!


Angelina from Roosendaal

I was already late for work and left in a hurry so I forgot the keys. Of course I only discovered this when I got home in the evening. But luckily Locksmith Roosendaal was able to open the door for me without damage!


The working area of our locksmiths in Roosendaal

Locksmith Roosendaal is ready for you if you need help with opening locks and installing burglary protection. You can also use our services in the surrounding towns such as Zegge and Wouw.

0165 - 23 50 91

Common lock problem in Roosendaal

We come into daily contact with people who have to deal with the exclusion of their home or business premises. Our technicians can be at your location within a short time to open a lock quickly and damage-free.


We replace an outdated lock for you as soon as possible, so that the door of your home is always optimally secured. The new lock that we install has been extensively tested, has the SKG quality mark and has a burglary-resistant effect.


Have you lost the key to your safe or have you forgotten the code to your safe? Our qualified technicians can quickly reopen your safe for you using professional tools and special techniques.


Need a locksmith in the Roosendaal region?

Need a locksmith in the Roosendaal region?

0165 - 23 50 91